GH2P: Why keep record of stats in the NBA?

GH2P: Why Keep record of stats in the NBA?

NBA logo                        For our second genius hour project I decided to research “Why we keep record of statistics in the NBA.”

What topic did you research in Genius Hour? & Why did you choose it?

I choose this project in order to improve my basketball knowledge before WAISAL Basketball 2016. I wanted to evolve my knowledge of basketball so that I can read a from the bench or in game who are the threats during offense or defense.

What did you learn?

I learned that statistics are used everywhere to find out opinions, failures and achievements of a NBA player. I mainly learned that statistics are recorded for Coaching & Tactics, Awards, Betting, News & GM/NBA Teams.

Coaching & Tactics are important because coaches use NBA Teams or Players statistics to try and use a formation that might aid their team against and opponent. The also would collect stats in order to see how their own players can improve but seeing their pros and cons. Awards such as MVP, Most Improved Player, etc. are mostly chosen by popularity during that season and a players contributions on the court. Betting in many ways can be negative and positive. It is negative to lose money but positive since statistics can show who has the most chances of winning and having an opportunity to win money. ***Viewers Personal Advice of the Blog Post (at the bottom)***. Sport news channel use a lot of statistics to compare players or teams. They also use a team’s or player’s statistics and try to find a reason for why they are so powerful or are always on a losing streak. Last but not least General Managers (GMs) look at college and basketball statistics from all over the world in order to see who could be the next prospect and who they should acquire in order to build a winning team.

Learning StylesHow did that help you grow as a person?

This helped me in many ways such as improving my basketball understandings, presentation skills, math calculations, collecting, analyze and summarize statistics. Feedback from my presentation was what helped me grow as a person the most since now I can improve by not dancing around while presenting and also not going over the time.

What did you do differently on this Genius Hour project than the last one?

The second genius hour there were 2 positive differences that I distinguished that I did not in my first genius hour. Firstly I added GIF s. In the other genius hour I would use a lot of images. GIF s helped me aid the audience with comprehending easier since they only had to do look at the video to get a clearer image. Secondly I had very little text compared to my first genius hour. This time I only added the titles.

How did what you learn help (the world, community, yourself, animals, etc.) in some way? Explain.

What I learned hopefully has helped myself understand some reason of why we use it. I always thought as basketball as a basketball not as a way to measure pros and cons of a player or team. What also surprised me is that American Sports are closely watched in order to help the audience and people who has been in good form lately. I realized that every sport in America use stats since high school sports to measure an ability and potential of a player.

How will what you learn in the next Genius Hour help the world, community, yourself, animals, etc. in some way? Explain.

I am not sure what I will do next but I would really enjoy learning in the Musical (Hip-Hop and R&B) or Political area. What really inspire me was to make a video of the top 10 something where I would post it on YouTube. Even though they are just ideas I think I will stick in the Musical or Political Area. Musical Area because a lot of listen to music and enjoy music but I would admire research about the origins of Hip Hop. Politics has never really been an interest but with all the America news talk about the elections I would want to compare how the USA and Senegal is compared political structure.

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***Viewers Personal Advice of the Blog Post***: Bet at your own risk. Betting can be dangerous at high stake and is addictive.

Effect of media on us?

Effect of media on us?


The media has its way of showing us information for example news channels and TV shows. Kids benefit from watching these because it can boost self-esteem and also inspire them. Media also shows things so that we have a sense of thing happening around us; with fair or unfair insights. Media is also our getaway to unknown places since it can generate places you have never seen.

The media also has con on our culture. Violence for example is a big factor because it can be a dangerous thing when it comes to young audiences. Violence is also a key for a bad example since kids can be easily influenced by what they see on the internet or TV.  Media can also make us behave in a certain way. It makes us behave in a way since movies can portray habits as “cool” and “good” such as drink or inhaling substances. Also media can be used to manipulate people in too strive for one opinion.

The media can be used for or against us. It is important to spent a good time on electronic media, where newspapers and magazines need to be considered when it comes to teenagers especially. With these , how media influences culture should give you an idea on just how powerful a tool it is in our present day and age.


When I think of media in gender I always believe that their negatives an no pros. I say that because lot of issues are about gender rights and male vs female. So I will only be stating the cons.

  1. Advertisements: A lot of advertisements are biased. They are either for men or women. There are unisex products but are not always bought buy men since they think other will think of them as being gay. Media can expose a persons personal details since everything can be seen through the media. Also if a famous female popped up in an ad people are mostly likely to thing that the message is for girls.
  2. Gender roles & Stereotypes: The cons gender roles in media is that media can shape the world and roles. Media does this by using stereotypes. Everyone can do something on the internet and can quickly spread on how one (male or female) should live. It will have a bigger impact if celebrities state that females and men should have equally rights.


The economy can be divided in many areas. Such as the currency, business, government, marketing, etc. Even if they can be listed as different areas they all have one thing in common which is Media. Everyone can see an economy through the media and now it is easier to access for a lot of the middle class. It is faster to see an a currency exchange on the internet than on a news paper since thing change on the economy. For example both newspaper, magazine and radio rely on spectators and with an audience their incorporation or company can go bad. A lot news company rely on celebrity stories which keep an audience waiting for more.


My perspective will be unavailabe unless a comment is given. The perspective will be written in the comments.


It has been 46 years, This Year It’s The Cavaliers

It has been 46 years and every Cleveland Cavaliers fans are dying for that NBA Trophy to be part of the wine & gold silverware. Since 1970s the Cavs have won 2 Eastern Conference Titles and 4 Division Title but no playoffs. Cleveland is located at Ohio, Cleveland are in the Central Division with their motto “Progress and Prosperity”.

  • Faith in the Team:
    • Everyone has faith in LeBron James and the players to win it this year. Lebron has already won it with the Heat but can he bring it home for his state. With such a great roster great thinks can be imagined but not till they win. Last years playoffs was unlucky even though we made the playoffs finals. We big absenses from Uncle Drew [Kyrie Irving] and Uncle Wes [Kevin Love].

Top 7 in the Cavaliers Roster:

eg. Number) Players name #team number position, Birthplace [age]

  1. Lebron James #23 SF, PF (Akron, Ohio) [31]
  2. Kyrie Irving #2 PG (Melbourne, Australia) [23]
  3. Kevin Love #0 PF, C (Santa Monica, California) [27]
  4. Tristan Thompson #13 PF, C (Toronto, Canada) [24]
  5. J. R. Smith #8 SG, SF (Freehold Borough, New Jersey) [30]
  6. Iman Shumpert #4 SG, SF (Oak Park, Illinois) [25]
  7. Timofey Mozgov #20 C (St. Petersburg, Russia) [29]Cleveland Cavaliers guard Kyrie Irving (2), guard J.R.
  • Cavaliers have versatility

Cavaliers have a strength that not every team has which is that they can play big or small ball. Small ball is when a team uses a small team in height and physical strength to move the ball fast and try to nail shots from behind the arc. Big ball is when they change their lineup to play more physical and create points by going in the post. Cavaliers have a roster that can play either which gives them an advantage. Competitors for the Cavs might be OKC, SAS and the reigning champions GSW.

For more reason click here

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“This Time Twitter Was Bitter” – hansisd19

So for 2 months our class in Digital Citizenship 9 have been trying to connect with experts. Not random experts but experts that either have the same interests or are relevant for academic studies. Ideally you need to communicate with people on twitter which might help you in your genius hour.

For whom that don’t know genius hour it is a project that allows pupils to further investigate their passions. This is normally done at school with a time set. Genius hour projects don’t always have to be done at school but can be done every where at anytime.

Firstly there are 3 parts to this task.(PART 1, 2 and 3)

  • Part 1: Firstly we had to follow experts, academics, intellectual in the domain you are interested in. We could follow celebrities but it was highly recommended since there was a dim chance of them replying.
  • Secondly we created a twitter list and add all the experts so that we could get quick look at what they are doing and saying in case they add anything new.
  • Thirdly I mention them on twitter. To see it go to my twitter page @HansISD19

For the part 2 we had to send a tweet to each people whom you followed asking them for either advice, opinion or a question that might help you.

For Part 3 we had to write over it on Edublogs.

I followed @Chris_Broussard@ESPNLunardi@JayBilas@WojVerticalNBA@McCannSportsLaw@DraftExpress@OllieHolt22@JoeBuscaglia@SportsWriterGuy and @AdamSchefter. Firstly I followed them because they all are interested into one topic sports to be more specific American Sports. Secondly they all have experience either in sports writing or sports reportage. They are relevant to my Genius Hour Project #2 because it’s about “Statistics in the NBA”. Since in American Sports they keep track of statistics sportswriters or reporters use them to compare and see if athletes and teams have improved. I requested a lot from them since I wanted to know more about their jobs and what they do then anything else. I was more keen about learning about their daily lives in sport. I wanted to know what job kept records of statistic for sports to use in my presentation. I ask “ Hi do sportswriters focus on stats of a basketball player or popularity? this is for a school project. thanks ” I did not get a reply from OllieHolt22 but if he reply saying that sportswriter do look at statistics. I would add that some sportswriters look at statistics on my presentation. Another tweet I tweeted was “ What do Bracketologist do? and why are they important in ESPN? as a question this is for my grade 9 genius hour project”. This would help  me figuring out if his job was dealing with looking at sport statistics each day.

My results were shocking for me because I got nothing in return except for one. I learned a lesson most of all. I was not used to not get a response back but I learned that not everyone is interested or do not have time for your topic. One person replied which was @McCannSportsLaw. I tweeted him “ Hi What the job of a legal analyst at Sport Illustrated? What are you asked to do? This is for my school project. ” and he replied with “ My job is to write legal commentaries about newsworthy matters in sports and the law and to investigate sports law controversies.” This is a perfect example for what I would not use in my presentation but could mention since his job does not require look at sport statistics and talk about them. He replied back but did not follow me back nor give me more assistance. I did not continued a conversation but I thanked him for his effort. This was not really an amusing task but I think everyone learned a lesson, ways to connect, or with who to connect with.

Thanks for reading everyone. Hope to be blogging soon!!!!

@McCannSportsLaw response too me question (which is shown on the image)



Genius Hour #1 Reflection

Genius Hour #1 Reflection Blog Questions


So readers I am back to what I like doing best in Digital Citizenship 9 is blogging with all you peeps around the world. So the first genius hour was a success for me I believed and I was happy with my results in the presentation. Genius hour? Do you know what genius hour is? Shhh if you know what it is. So for people whom don’t know what it is, it’s a time where you are allowed to investigate anything of your will . So my topic/subject I was interested in to learn more about is “How to be ready to build a house.” I wanted to go in deeper depth because this experience was giving me more on what I want to pursue as an occupation or profession. Can you guess the profession I might want to pursue?***Hint***answer at the edge of the page*** If you can there will be a reward just type your answers in the comments. So you readers are probably asking in your minds what did this writer go in deeper depths in. Basically,what I learned or understood after a month of research and investigation is what things are needed or necessary to be allowed to build a house.


During this 1 month I was enthusiastic and want to learn more about it each time. I might not have shown it since I was busy trying to build my Dream House which I might present in Genius Hour 3 or 4. During this 1 month period I was learning step by step the basic fundamentals on how to be allowed to build a house. You readers are asking yourself it’s easy I’ll buy a land and build a house on it. Well you are on the incorrect track fellas, Building a house has multiple steps. I learned different and various strategies and steps to have a greater chance on realizing your projects. First I was surprised that you needed to gain, pass and receive permits that allows the owner (employer) to adjust and put in place electric equipment s, setting up tubes, etc. The owner (employer) also need insurance which helps him/her or them in case unexpected negative incidents or accidents occur at the work site or financial needs. There are around 3 major insurances needed those I learned are Workman’s’ compensation Insurance, General Liability Insurance and Course of Construction Insurance. What I also learned is that before your house, home or apartment the owners (employer) or YOU is that you have think about 4 important points. The 4 important points are that you or owners have to think carefully about if the ground is stable enough, be aware of the climate around you, if  your are located next to community infrastructure (Police Stations, Libraries, Hospitals etc.) &  access of potable water or electrical equipment/wires.


With what I learned plus the effort I put in, I was more than happy I felt like my work was recognized and acknowledged when I presented. It was easy to achieve a pass if you were really focused on your topic and you could see through the presentations who were interested and enthusiastic about  their topic and who were not finding the igniter or the aptitude to brighten their presentation about what they learned. People whom I believe presented goo were @Jordan & @ Eltina Genius Hour. I didn’t shout them out since they are the people who I prefer, But those are the people who I learned more from and really got their learning stuck in my brains. I would obviously want a 100% but I would give myself around 92-97% for the investigation and time I put it and to see a high grade on a minor assessment is wild? Comment below if you think the same.

In class we were supposed to present our genius hour and try to learn others or inform others about what you learned. Personally I believed I don’t believe that what I learned in class help or learnt the audience anything since we all have a different taste of what we think is more important that others. What I am saying is that every human being is different and want to remember certain things that are being said by others and retain the important information they believe are important. After this post I believe I will help the community & the world about what I learnt for one month. To view my presentation please click here. I personally believe that since their are more homo sapiens outside whom or might be more interested on the steps of “How to be Allowed to Build a House.”


Firstly I want to keep discreet until the next blog post about genius hour is posted (in 1 month and 1 week approximately) Hope all of you guys can’t wait for the release of this post. I have to many innovative ideas in my mind which I wrote on a paper the will try to incorporate in my presentation. But I used candy to grab their attention too be focused on answering my questions. The interactions I made with the audience was key on getting a good grade on presentations skills. I wouldn’t change it due to my grade I received but I still need improvements in certain ares which I will try to improve next presentation. If I remember correctly my teacher and ISD’s Digital Citizenship told me that I had to respect the time limit given and present your genius hour in this certain amount of time which was given.


So three things that I might or will do which would be according to time given. My three topics are Importance of Statistics in they NBA, How to create a play in Basketball and How to Create a Hip-Hop & RnB Song. I have a lot of ideas in my head but I don’t want to give a lot of away. I want to focus mainly on working with real life sources and making interviews with intellectuals or experts in their profession as a main source instead of using the internet. I want to focus on the basics since those are what people would want to learn. Not elaborated or ? that people wouldn’t remember.


Bye reader hope to post to you soon to keep everyone of you interested. Not only as a student but a connected student.


***answer is Architect and Home designer***



TBTI2015 (The Best Time In 2015)

My TBTI2015 was when I went to London.  You readers might think London is boring, thinking there is only the Big Ben and Buckingham Palace but really there is much more than that. When I was in London I was lodging in a penthouse which was modern and had 3 floors I had never seen something like this. I was living in the penthouse with my grandfather, mother and my two siblings. So in London I visited a lot of places from using the cab or underground to go from North to South and West to East.

Buckingham Palace, London, UK

What I enjoyed the most was visiting my friends from my old school in Sudan. I met with my mates who I consider family since I have known the for a long time  and we roamed the city doing all the things. We spend a lot at shops going to Nike, Puma, Ralph Lauren, Lacoste and city attractions. We went to Westfield mall, watched Ted 2 in the cinemas and playing basketball atundergorund Richmond. London might seems boring in old but really it matters where you go. At last we had to leave and we decided to take the train which goes underwater back to Belgium.



comment your thoughts about London even if you haven’t been there


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Do you want to be successful in High School?


1) Time Management:

There are 24 hours per day, so that’s a lot of time to get your work done. High-school students average around 35 hours of class time per week. A college student can have an average of 15-18 hours of clocklog per week. You need to organize your time wisely so you can complete all your assignments and after have fun.





2) Good Study Habits:

Good Study Habits are:

  • Always be prepared and attend class
  • Complete assignment with the maximum capacityStudy Habits
  • Review your notes daily rather than stressing about a test the night before
  • Set aside a quiet time each day for study- even if you don’t have assignments or a test the next day

3) Good Note-Taking:

Even if you can’t write everything yougood notesr teacher say in class you can write down the important stuff. If you didn’t take notes in class that’s not the smartest idea since you probably need it for the End of Year Exams or Mock Exams. Studying with a friend is also good as long as you study and not socialize while studying since it’s useless. The advantage of taking your own notes is that you know what kind of learning you are. You might be visual learner and your friend a oral learner so studying together might not be practical.

4) Organization:Organized

Being organization is different then time management since organized is what you do to gain or achieve a  certain structure. Cleaning your desk or working space will make you organized. What will help a lot is sorting out lose papers in a folder to keep in your shelves.

5) Check your Grades Regularly:

gradesChecking your grade are important since you can see what you can improve on. So if you see your grades are decreasing in a class you will try to do better to improve it. Checking your grades are important to be successful since grades is what make you successful in school.

6)Commitment, Focus & WORK HARD:A+

Be committed, even if it’s hard stay focused and try your best since it will pay off in the end. You got to focus in class and try to do it with your maximum capacity. Later you can have as much fun as you want but first you got finish and complete everything with the best capacity. Stay focused through out the year and complete everything with everything you have.




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Math, Science, Buildings, Houses etc. For the Future

This all start when I was on a school trip in Dubai. I found an interest in what I wanted to do in the future. I was fascinated by the buildings and architecture in Dubai and I said to myself I really want to become an architect. The tall building didn’t really interest my but how modern it was which fascinated me. Becoming a architect and designing things needs a bit of everything such as math & science and other subjects you thought were never important. I want to be architect not only just to create modern and amazing structures or plans but to mainly help 3rd world countries. I was always wanting or dreaming of becoming a football player or basketball player but I real like creating and hopefully design a structure of something in the future.


Hans Alassane Ndaw