About Me

“What I did, What I do & What I want to do”



I am from Senegal

I stand at 5 ft 7 that’s small

This is my number …… just call

If I ain’t available I’m playing ball

Not baseball but Football & Basketball

That’s not all

Same skin colors as John Wall



I went to London

Do you know Saint Pauls?

My motto Come with a whoop, come with a call Come with a good will or not at all


That’s from Come out To Play from a Mother Goose rhyme

This my time, That’s  when I shine and should keep writing them rhymes

Did a lot of bad but this ain’t no crime

Imma Keep Writing and Rhyming

Through them hard schools and them hard times


Wanna become a Architect or help my country

Wanna be part of that discovery, help my family, help society


Help them countries

Make my allies (friends)

This me REAL TALK not in disguise

I drop the 3 pointer take the opposition in surprise

Like Everyone I liked french fries

Had a snake on my neck turn around look at him with snake eyes

It started crying because I saw them red eyes

On oral tests I don’t improvise, I do revise

Revise seriously like I’m trying to get that Nobel Prize

Sorry If I hurt you in the past I apologies

for being cruelties


That’s about me now

My mom from Holland the land of the cows

I went through major cities but not Bilbao

I moved to different places like in Italy but when I went I  SAID CIAO







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